Terms dates 22/23

Staff Training and Development

We will inform parent/carers of any early closures for staff training or meetings in advance. We try to limit these to 3 times a year, once a term. 

Parent Consultation Weeks

Parent/teacher consultations are held three times a year and are a chance for you and your child's key-person to talk about their progress at Pre-school and any  issues that may be causing a concern.   We understand life is busy and different for every family, therefore the consultations will be shaped around your needs and are held via: telephone, face-to-face, video call or written summative assessments - you choose.  


Autumn Term 2022

Pre-school Open: September 5th- October 21st

Half Term Holiday: Monday 24th October- Friday 28th October 2022

Pre-school Open: October 31st- December 16th

Christmas Holidays: Monday 19th December-Monday 1st January

Spring Term 2022

Bank Holiday Closure: Monday 1st January 2023

Pre-school Open: January 2nd- February 10th

Half Term Holiday: Monday 13th February– Friday 17th February 2023

Pre-school Open: February 20th- March 31st

Easter Holidays: Monday 3rd April -Friday 14th April 2023

Summer Term 2022

Bank Holiday Closure: Monday 1st May 2023

Pre-school Open: April 17th-May 26th

Half Term Holiday: Monday 29th May-Friday 2nd June 2023

Pre-school Open: June 5th- July 14th

End of Year: July 14th 2022

My child even wakes up on weekends wanting to go to pre-school

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