Our Pre-School Mission

Through play-based learning that is planned around the individual needs and interests of the child, and the use of formative assessment and sound parent partnership, we aim to enhance the development and education of children under statutory school age in a community based setting. 

At Patcham Village Pre-school we truly believe in the value of free-play as well as free-flow between inside and out;  fostering confidence, autonomy and independence in learning.

We provide the best start to children’s educational journey, by supporting staff and volunteers personally and professionally. 

Working in partnership with families we offer a safe, happy place where everyone is valued, different needs are met and children are supported in developing independence to become happy autonomous learners. 

Our team of practitioners are supported; their well-being and involvement in the pre-school considered to be the foundations of what we are built upon ensuring Patcham Village Pre-school’s  aims and values are a collective combination of children’s, families and staff voices.

Our Rooms

Our Large Main Hall

Our large main hall is set up daily; carefully and lovingly equipped with activities and resources which encompass the seven areas of learning as laid out in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  

Photos of all children taking part in various activities and experiences in pre-school are cleverly projected onto the rear wall; ensuring all children have a sense of belonging within our pre-school family.

The expanse of this room facilitates children’s independence and social interactions with one another as well as learning to play by themselves.   The room lends itself perfectly to free-flow play between in and outdoor learning opportunities.   

In recognising that children are unique the room is set daily to encompass children’s interests and needs.  It’s single level lending itself well to children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. 

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In order for children to feel safe and secure with their environment the room is set up with the same core areas each day; namely continuous provision.

Folow this link to read more about the importance of continuous provision here: https://www.nurseryworld.co.uk/features/article/early-years-in-school-continuous-provision-space-out 

Our Quiet Room

Our quiet room provides us with a relaxing carpeted space in which our practitioners carry out small nurture groups for those children who require extra support above and beyond that of normal provision.

The calmness of the quiet room provides a perfect space too for supporting children in small group activities, including children with Individual support plans i.e. Speech and Language interventions.   

This space is also used daily for our rising 5’s; namely our ‘Tigers’ for small adult-supported focussed activities.

"I like playing with cars and racing on the bikes"

Child's voice

Our Kitchen

The perfect place for the supervised baking of some delicious treats together.

Our Garden

Our fully enclosed safe garden flows freely between indoors and out and provides children with the opportunity to bring outside in and inside out.  Our paved area allows children to successfully master riding bikes and scooters within a safe space, while our grass area provides space for further exciting, motivating and challenging activities and experiences.  

In the warmer weather children and staff enjoy picnic snacks and lunches in the garden together.  The buzz of being in the heart of the village is never far away as children wave to our neighbours and buses as they pass our school gate.  Traffic surveys too are a favourite activity with children as they see a variety of vehicles passing through the village.

Our Foyer

Our foyer accommodates low level individually named coat pegs which foster independence in self-care tasks such as accessing outdoor clothing and bags.  Each child’s peg is labelled with their name and a picture cue.  Children’s pegs change location daily to encourage them to find their peg rather than relying on its position. 

The little Room

Accommodates child sized toilets, potties and low level sinks; these foster independence in self-care tasks such as toileting and hand-washing. 

“What if I fall? Oh,but my darling,what if you fly?”

Erin Hanson