Ideas to Support Learning at Home

In this section we'll be posting ideas to support learning at home; we hope you'll find them useful and an opportunity for you and your child to have lots of fun home learning together. 


Ideas for learning at home

We think this is a wonderful place to share  some fabulous ideas for learning at home for all parents of young children.  Enjoy the fun and enjoy a cuppa while your child enjoys their fun.

  • Go on a colour, number or letter walk around the community. Make a tick chart, attach it to a piece of scrap cardboard to form a clipboard, give your child a pencil and see how many colours, numbers or letters they can find on their walk that match the tick chart.
  • Encourage your child to look around the home for some story props to correlate with their favourite book; they can then create a small world scenario around the book while re-telling the story; great for literacy.
  • Role-play is a firm favourite with early years children and can be created very easily at home at no cost; themes can be various - a party with teddies and dolls, a vets, hospital or shop; the list is endless.
  • Make playdoh; here is a link to making your own at home with your children using basic store cupboard ingredients. Children won't even need tools, encourage poking, rolling with fingers, pulling and squeezing; all great for developing gross and fine motor skills
  • ‘Hungry little minds’ is a fabulous 'go to' for some really fun stimulating activities for all children from 0 – 5 years.
  • If music and dance is a firm favourite of your child’s, then Music Mike takes some beating; he offers some fabulous interactive music sessions guaranteed to have you and your child moving and singing; follow this link to learn more about the wonderful sessions he offers


Thank you for all the lovely ideas, 'E' would like to try re-telling a story later.

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