Coronavirus  - Covid-19


Follow this link to our Covid-19 risk assessment: 


This is going to be the place to come for updates on reopening Patcham Village Pre-school to all children; like you we hope this won't be too long and that this awful global crisis will be just a distant memory.  


I have put together today Ideas for supporting learning at home: Have fun and enjoy. 




More useful information and some great ideas for entertaining little ones at home@




















One of our parents requested that we put on our web-site information regarding incubation periods.


This extract is taken from our health and Safety policy:

Incubation Periods following sickness

·        We have an Infectious control guidance issued by Brighton and Hove City Council which we refer to for guidance of all infectious diseases.


·         The incubation period for children, staff and volunteers suffering from sickness and diarrhea is 48 hours from the last attack of either.   

·        Conjunctivitis: Children will be excluded from pre-school while eyes are still visibly weeping, irrespective of whether antibiotics have been administered. 

-        High Temperature - 24 hours.

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